beach, tans, and raybans

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None of these photos are mine unless
stated otherwise. If you are the owner of
anything I post and would like credit for it, I will gladly credit you upon requests.

I’m gonna sound super cliche right now, but age really doesn’t matter (unless it’s illegal—statutory rape is not cool!)

I would take a step back and evaluate the situation. You like him. He likes you. You don’t want a relationship. Why? Does that outweigh how much you like him? Would you guys be friends if you don’t date? Would you even want to be friends without the possibility of being together?

The real hard thing here is to balance being friends with someone you like without it inevitably turning into a relationship you’re not ready for. 


I’m a first year college student but I’m a sophomore in credits. Psychology and Pre-Med.


I mean I wouldn’t go around broadcasting my disorders by any means but I try not to hide it if people ask. I’m a 3 in jeans and 2-4 in dresses. At my smallest I was about 87lbs and now I’m around 110-115 ish. Brandy clothes are actually made fairly loose and you don’t have to be super small to wear them!